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The Health and Wellbeing Benefits Team is an income maximisation service. We support people with cancer, strokes, MS, motor neurone disease, and other life-limiting conditions.

The Health and Wellbeing Benefits Team can help you:

  • Access statutory entitlements to increase income.
  • Look at options of reducing expenditure.

This will ensure you get the maximum amount for your household.

How do they help?

They will meet with the client, which can include a home visit to investigate:

  • Statutory entitlements, grants etc.
  • Accessing support once identified.
  • Supporting through benefit applications.

After gathering information, they work with the client to prepare a plan of action. A dedicated caseworker acts as a single point of contact with the client. They will stay in close contact, supporting the client and updating them on progress.

What outcomes does the team create?

Their work enables clients to afford to access their treatment, stay warm and not worry about their bills.

‘When I was referred to your service I felt as though I had fallen off the edge of a cliff and was hurtling towards disaster when along came the Macmillan parachute and I glided safely to the ground and can now focus on my treatment and no longer worry about money. Your team really are life savers as much as my doctors.’

Client statement

Macmillan Cancer Support initiated the team and it’s their highest-performing team nationally. Improving the financial situation of clients is the team’s core focus. Getting to know the client’s unique circumstance is a key part of delivering their needs.

The Health and Wellbeing Benefits Team is funded by:

Contact the team


Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm.
Office Number: 01225 303819

Face-to-Face by appointment only.

Find out how the team helped a family facing a cancer diagnosis.