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Campaigning for change

Clients’ stories provide insight into the problems faced by people in the UK today. We use these experiences to campaign for positive change.

We conduct research and deliver campaigns on many issues of interest to local citizens. For example debt, housing, benefits, immigration, employment, legal matters and health.

How does it work?

We gather evidence of practices and policies that are causing difficulties for our clients. Then we campaign, locally and nationally, for change to get a fairer deal for everyone.

We collect evidence and statistics anonymously so that individual clients are not identified and use this to produce reports. The report identifies improvements in services and changes in the law by:

  • Highlighting issues to MPs, councillors, and other policy makers.
  • Talking to our local Council about their services and attending forums and meetings.
  • Discussing problems with organisations and companies to persuade them to improve their services.
  • Sharing evidence and ideas with national Citizens Advice and other Citizens Advice offices to help with their campaigns.

We are independent and impartial so policymakers listen to us.

Other ways to get involved

You may also want to contact your local MP or councillor, yourself, about an issue that concerns you. Find and contact your local MP by using this link –
Or find and contact your local councillor via