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Thinking about volunteering in Bath & North East Somerset? Join our team and change the lives of thousands of vulnerable people every year

Volunteering in Bath & North East Somerset

We have offices located across the region. So, if you’re thinking of volunteering, but are worried about the commute, we have options available for you, including remote volunteering.

How do our volunteers feel about what they do?

“At the end of the day, I feel like I’ve done something good, because I’ve really helped people in need.”

Jo (Admin Support Casework volunteer)

Here are some of the roles that you could apply your skills to:

Fundraiser / Business Development Volunteer

Fundraising is one of the most enjoyable jobs in our charity. It’s not about standing on street in the rain. It’s about arranging and taking part in events or looking after relationships with businesses who fund us.

We’re constantly looking out for fundraisers because recent events mean that we have to expand our service and we can’t do that without funding.

Fundraising can be a great way of spending time with friends, so invite people to join you.

Things you might get to as a fundraiser:

  • Come up with innovative ways to raise funds
  • Take part in or help to organise events
  • Create presentations
  • Scout for funding opportunities

Marketing & Communications Volunteer

Enjoy being creative, and meeting new people, while being passionate about social justice? This could be the role for you!

As a Marketing and Communications Volunteer, you will be a part of a team helping to give a voice to the organisation in the local community. You’ll raise awareness about what we do and the people we support and help to raise funds.

You will be a brand ambassador for the organisation and can expect to take part in activities like:

  • Researching and developing stories for use on our website, social media and more
  • Producing engaging press releases and compelling social media material
  • Coordination and promotion of special events, campaigns and activities
  • Provide effective and efficient contributions to the Business Development & Marketing Manager
  • Working as part of a dedicated team – where every bit you do counts towards improving client lives, where the highest standards are the name of the game, and where you and your efforts are valued

Digital Support Volunteers

Digital Support Volunteers enable clients to find the information that they need and/or to use the different facilities that are available. For instance, you may help clients with kiosks or go online.

As a Digital Support Volunteer you will:

  • actively promote the use of the kiosks/PCs
  • support clients using kiosks or PCs
  • help identify the correct leaflet, self-help resource or service provider
  • identify where an appointment may be required

Specific qualifications and experience are not required to take on the role. You need to:

  • speak to people in a good manner
  • have basic computing and good literacy skills
  • enjoy helping people
  • be friendly and approachable


Covid-19 and the Cost Of Living Crisis have increased the demand for advice. As a result, we are continually looking for more advisers.

Our generalist advice service looks at a client’s situation holistically so that we can provide advice in multiple areas including benefits, debt, housing and employment.

Advisers are given free training, both formally and on the job.

As a Citizens Advice adviser you would:

  • interview clients
  • help them negotiate with people such as creditors and service providers
  • draft letters
  • make phone calls on their behalf

Specific qualifications or experience are not required to train for the role. You need to:

  • be good at listening
  • speak to people in a good manner
  • have basic computing skills
  • be open-minded and non-judgmental
  • be friendly and approachable

IT Support Co-ordinators

As an IT support volunteer, you may be involved in many areas. This may depend on your skills and the time you have available.

For example, you may be:

  • supporting and training users in day-to-day use of IT systems
  • troubleshooting hardware and software problems
  • maintaining and developing networks
  • designing spreadsheets, databases and websites


As a Citizens Advice volunteer administrator, you would ensure the smooth running of our office including:

  • word processing
  • file management
  • arranging events
  • using databases and spreadsheets
  • answering emails and phone calls
  • updating local information
  • arranging appointments

Campaigning for Change

By using evidence collected from the clients we help, you could help bring about changes in local and national policies and services. These actions can benefit everyone, even those who have never used a Citizens Advice.

You would:

  • complete and collate evidence forms recording clients’ problems
  • identify and raise relevant issues
  • train staff and volunteers in identifying issues and completing evidence forms
  • conduct research and write reports
  • get involved in media campaigning
  • liaise with other Citizens Advice offices and agencies


Every Citizens Advice is an independent charity, so we have our own board of trustees. Some trustee roles require specific skills but we welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences. This could be the voluntary role you are looking for to play a key part in a vital community organisation.

As a Citizens Advice Trustee you would:

  • manage and plan the charity’s overall strategic direction
  • act as employer for paid staff
  • manage the organisation’s finances
  • ensure the charity complies with the law

We have partnerships with other social service providers, meaning you might help clients in these organisations to Macmillan, BathMind and Dorothy House.