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Thank you for taking an interest in the work we do.

If you donate to Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset thousands of vulnerable people will get support.

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Our expert advisers help people with life-changing conditions to get benefits when they can’t work. We help workers who have been discriminated against to get justice. We throw a lifeline to people who are drowning in debt.

Our service covers many additional areas, such as issues with immigration, consumer rights, housing and tenancies, family and relationship matters and more.

We also campaign for legislative changes that will positively impact the lives of the most vulnerable in society.

As an independently funded charity, your support will help to make sure that we’re here for anyone who may need us.

What will your donation to Citizens Advice be used for?

Supporting us means that anyone in Bath&NES can get the help they need when they need it. Our charity’s services cover a range of advice issues; too many to list here.

Your donation will allow us to respond rapidly to emerging issues. For instance, Covid-19 has pushed a lot of people into financial hardship. Donating might enable us to partner with a housing provider and reduce the likelihood of people being evicted.

In the long-term, your contribution will help us to train more advisers. This vital work will open more offices across Bath & North East Somerset and help more people.

Who will your donations help?

Many of our clients are managing fine until an unexpected event turns everything upside down. For example, bereavements or life-altering illnesses can create situations where they can’t work or afford to pay bills. The resulting stress can quickly make things spiral out of control.

This can happen to anyone, so we’re here for anyone who is resident in Bath & NES. Our advice is always free and completely confidential, because it’s important that clients feel they can talk to us.

70% of our clients are struggling with financial issues and over 60% of clients are female.

Some of the clients who are most in need of support are those with a cancer diagnosis. That’s also where we do some of our most meaningful work. On average, clients with life-altering physical health conditions will receive financial outcomes of over £3,000.

5 ways to donate to Citizens Advice – Bath & NES

Donate to Citizens Advice online

Donate to Citizens Advice by text


  • ‘GOODADVICE’ to 70470 to donate £7
  • ‘GREATADVICE’ to 70480 to donate £14
  • ‘BESTADVICE’ to 70490 to donate £20

Each text costs the donation amount plus one standard rate message. You’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you don’t wish to receive marketing communications, add ‘NOINFO’ to the end of the text. For example, ‘GOODADVICENOINFO’.

Donate while shopping

This is a great way of making regular donations that won’t cost you a fortune.

Create an account on the Easyfundraising platform and shops will donate a percentage of your purchase to our charity.

Donate to Citizens Advice Bath & North East Somerset

We greatly appreciate all the donations and support we receive. It is all vital to sustaining our service.

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