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Information and Support

The Macmillan Link Service, is a new, unique service in Citizens Advice BANES. We recognise the stress of living with cancer, particularly when you have just completed treatment in hospital. We are here to help to remove some of those stresses of life; to support you to improve your wellbeing; so that you can focus on living, when you get back home to life as usual.

The Macmillan Link Service is a free information and support service providing support to people living in Bath, North East Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucester, Mendip & Frome and South Bristol.

A Macmillan Link Worker can provide a range of non-clinical support: if you are living with or beyond cancer; or you are a carer or family member of someone with cancer; and you are registered with a GP practice in Bath, North East Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucester and South Bristol.

We know that it can be a difficult time, adjusting to life in the ‘new normal’ after cancer treatment, especially when you are just expected to get back on with your life.

We can help you by giving you the time to express your concerns, your fears, or your practical needs. We will listen. And we will help you to address any needs, worries or concerns you may have, or find someone who can, for any issues:

physical – emotional – practical – financial – spiritual


We’re here to provide you with practical information to help you cope with the issues you may be facing after cancer treatment

  • Trusted, up-to-date information, developed by Macmillan
  • Links to local and national resources or service
  • Support to access your local services

We offer you a warm, supportive handover to local and national cancer support services – including support groups, psychological support, complementary therapies; or to companies that provide practical services

We will meet with you, in your home, in a virtual meeting, or over the phone, to explore your needs and help you to move forward with your life again.

At the appointment, our Macmillan Link Workers can help you to identify any concerns.

Together we can discuss these concerns and create a plan to address them. This might include making referrals to other services that can provide the support you need.

Your Link Worker will always follow-up with you, to see if your issues are resolved, and you can book further appointments, if needed.

You can access the service through:

  • the CAB office (see below)
  • the Community Wellbeing Hub – via The Community Wellbeing Hub
  • a referral request via your GP (or other health or social care professional)
  • Your GP might suggest you meet with a Macmillan Link Worker when you are seen for your Cancer Care Review.

Monday-to-Friday 9am – 5pm

Contact us to find out more:

Please note in-person, or home visits, are by appointment only.