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Debt advice in Bath & North East Somerset

Our free expert debt advice is confidential, impartial and independent.

What to do when you have problem debt

  1. Identify and pay your priority debts first (Council tax, rent/mortgage, utilities, overpaid tax credit, court fines etc.)
    • Contact us if you’re struggling to pay your priority creditors. You may benefit from 60-days of Breathing Space relief from creditors.
  2. Remember, credit card companies may shout louder than priority creditors, but that doesn’t mean you should pay them first.
  3. Work out if you are actually responsible for paying the debt.
  4. Use our budget calculator to start getting hold of your finances.
  5. Find places where you can increase your income through benefits, grants, wages etc. Find places where you can reduce your outgoings with water, fuel, council tax, TV and internet, and other costs.
  6. Create a plan for dealing with debt. Write to creditors to explain your circumstances and work out a deal. Convincing them that you’re serious about the debt can help to reduce the chances of them taking legal action.
  7. Visit the national Citizens Advice Help With Debt page for more information.

Water bill debt advice

All utility suppliers are required to offer options to help people pay their bills.

Energy debt advice

The energy market is currently very changeable. So, get in the habit of checking if you are on the best tariff.

Click here to find out more about how to Check. Switch. Save.

Priority energy tariffs

All utility suppliers are required to offer options to help people pay their bills.

Check what options are available to you through your supplier.

Further support

Contact us if you need debt advice and live in Bath & North East Somerset. Our charity provides free, confidential, independent, and impartial advice.

You can access more information about debt from the national Citizens Advice website by clicking here.