Ken Loach

Ken Loach image (Copyright BBC 2020)

(Image: Copyright BBC 2020)

Filmmaker, Ken Loach is well known for his unflinching depictions of deprivation in his films such as I, Daniel Blake (2016) and more recently, Sorry we missed you (2019). The two-time Palme d’Or recipient is also known for his support and campaigning for workers’ rights. Loach’s work highlights his determination to empower vulnerable people, making him a perfect ambassador and advocate for the work of Citizens Advice – Bath and North East Somerset, which aims to make a fairer society for everyone.

At the launch of our debt advice service in Twerton, the filmmaker drew attention to the plight of people living there, stating “38% of the kids in this area are in poverty… more than one in three”. He went on to outline how, despite reductions in funding and escalating demands for assistance, caused by austerity, our charity is coming to the aid of residents of these areas.

We look forward to working with Ken Loach and believe that he will be an ambassador that showcases the importance of the services our charity provides.

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