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Problem debt is something that can happen to anyone. It can result from unexpected bills or changes to employment. You can get free, expert debt advice from Bath & North East Somerset Citizens Advice.

Lockdowns, furloughs, Universal Credit cuts and increasing fuel and store goods costs are making life harder for many people.

Our research shows that some residents are using credit and store cards to deal with financial pressures. This is pushing them further into debt.

People often get into debt through no fault of their own. Despite this, there is still a stigma of shame attached to going into debt. Due to this, some of those who are in debt resist asking for help.

It’s important that you don’t let debt become unmanageable. Get help with your debt by accessing the following links or calling our Adviceline.

Citizens Advice Budget Calculator

Gain more control over your finances.

This budgeting tool shows how to increase your income and decrease your outgoings. It works by showing you a breakdown of your finances, such as wages, benefits, and bills.

Click here to use the budget calculator now.

Energy solutions

For those who are struggling to pay their bills and those who want to reduce their expenditure. Find out how to check if you are on the best tariff and ways of reducing your monthly energy payments.

Click here to find out more about how to Check. Switch. Save.

Further support

Contact us if you need debt advice and live in Bath & North East Somerset. Our charity provides free, confidential, independent, and impartial advice.

You can access more information about debt from the national Citizens Advice website by clicking here.

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