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We’ve compiled the following information to help residents who might be facing redundancy or a challenging period of employment uncertainty.

Are you being offered redundancy? 

In the aftermath of Covid-19, many people are facing the risk of redundancy.

Is your redundancy fair? There are rules to protect you from being discriminated against, and for being picked for redundancy due to an unfair reason. Examples of unfair redundancy selection include focus redundancy on part-time employees or you being selected because you complained about health and safety.

Are you entitled to redundancy pay? If you’ve been employed at a company for two years, you are entitled to redundancy pay. Even if you have been on furlough pay since March, your redundancy pay will be calculated based on your normal wage.

How much unspent holiday do you have? You should be paid for any holiday you have leftover when you leave, even if you haven’t been to work for the past six months. This should be at your normal rate’s pay, even if you’re currently furloughed on 80% of your pay.

Have you been given a notice period? If you’ve worked there for at least a month you must be given a weeks’ notice. In the case that you worked there for two years or more, it’s a week for each full year you have worked, up to a maximum of 12 weeks. You may be entitled to a longer notice period as part of your employment contract, so make sure you check it.

Are you entitled to benefits? You should check if you are eligible for benefits such as Job Seeker’s Allowance or Universal Credit.

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Gaining new skills and finding work (in person and online options)

Bath College: Get certification on a number of subjects, including IT, Health & Safety, and working in the Health Sector. Click here to see a full list of courses on the Bath College website.

Somerset Skills and Learning: Regular free courses to help with CV skills, job finding, application and interview skills, and introductions to different career paths, certifications, and more. Click here to see a full list of courses on the SSL website

The Hub: Free training courses focused on Education. Click here to access the full list of courses available through the Bath & North East Somerset council’s website.

Volunteering: This can be a good way of keeping your skills sharp while you’re seeking employment. Some organisations will also include training or certifications as part of volunteering. So this can also be a good way to improve your career prospects. View our volunteer opportunities or click here to register for volunteering opportunities across Bath & North East Somerset.

Do you need further advice on redundancy or any other issues?

Citizens Advice is a charity offering free, confidential, independent, and impartial advice on debt, benefits, housing, employment, family and relationship, discrimination, and more. Click here to access more employment information relating to Covid-19.

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