Black History Dancing

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3:30 pm 5 November 2021
4:00 pm 5 November 2021

Join Elijah as he teaches a short Black History dance class.

He’ll be teaching some simple moves while explaining the backgrounds to Hip-Hop, Crumping, the Crip Walk and more.

The event will be a live stream so that you can take part at home or in your office.

What do you need to take part?

This will be an active and fun experience that will teach you a few moves that you can impress your friends with.

Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing. Also, ensure you can follow along without knocking into your laptop or mobile, and have a clear space around you.

The moves will be quite simple and easy to copy and learn, but you will be taking part at your own risk.

We do not expect any injuries to occur and certainly hope there won’t be any. However, we will not be held accountable should you suffer any form of injury or damage to property when taking part.

20 October 2021
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18 July 2022