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11:00 am 16 October 2022
5:00 pm 16 October 2022

Join our Bath Half charity team and help us to help others.

Only 46% of runners run for health benefits according to 2020 research by Strava. So, if you’re part of the other 56%, we’ve got a great reason for you to run.

Why run the Bath Half for our charity?

Every year, we help more than 8,000 residents who have complex problems.

We need to train more advisers to meet the demand from residents for help with the cost of living crisis.

Comparing the first eight weeks of 2021 to the same period in 2022, we’ve seen a 23% increase in benefits issues. Clients are also using credit cards to manage rising costs pushing them further into debt.

In the same eight week period, we’ve generated nearly £1 million in financial outcomes for clients. £220,000 more than last year.

Last year, each of our clients received over £1,100 in financial outcomes from benefits maximisation, debt relief and consumer refunds.

Every £10 invested in our charity creates over £250 of value for communities in Bath and North East Somerset. This is because our clients can engage more with society and be more productive because we’ve improved their wellbeing.

As a charity, we have to raise our own funds and we’d love you to help us.

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Do the Bath Half charity run as part of #TeamCABANES

What do our clients have to say?

One of our clients was referred to us from Bath Mind. The financial, physical and mental costs of post-traumatic stress put the client at risk of losing their home. We helped them with their benefits appeal, resulting in back-dated benefits payments of £2,690. They will also receive £150 per week in benefits for 3years.

They said: “I am now feeling hopeful and on the road of recovery as I now can have regular EMDR therapy sessions and am not worried about losing my home.”

A single mother was struggling to feed her children due to unfair deductions being made to her Universal Credit payments. She came to us for debt advice. We got her rent arrears paid and managed to stop the deductions. We also managed to get her and her children into more suitable accommodation.

She said: “I can now cope with situations which I once hid from and was why I got in to such a mess, and that is because of all your support and advice and showing me there are people that can help!”

What challenges are we and our clients facing?

Life is getting harder for many due to rising fuel prices and the cost of living. The removal of the £20 Universal Credit uplift has made it even worse for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Due to the increasing complexity of clients’ problems, with many having more debts, we have to train more advisers to help them.

Training an adviser usually takes 6months, because we like our advisers to be able to help with any problem. That training costs money, but the more advisers we train, the more vulnerable people we will be able to help.

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26 November 2021
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18 July 2022