Cost of living might be a life of crime

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The cost of living might mean committing a crime to survive.

Recent data shows an increase in first-time shoplifters and fuel court thefts. People are being pushed into doing things that they would never normally dream of doing.

This comes as some charities report that parents are skipping meals so as to feed their children.

What are we seeing with clients?

Comparing the first six months of 2022 to that of 2021, we’ve seen a 75% increase in clients seeking Debt Relief Orders. This suggests that more people are finding it harder to manage their debts as prices rise.

Last Winter we saw a 53% increase in people financial crisis compared to the previous Winter. During that same period, we saw a 313% increase in clients who were experiencing a benefits crisis.

As inflation is set to hit 11% in October 2022, we may see even more people taking drastic action.

How are we offering an alternative to Cost Of Living Crime?

We’re recruiting more advisers so that people have somewhere to turn.

Read our recent article about the situation.

Cost of living crime

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Published in
22 July 2022
Last Updated
22 July 2022