Here are lots of suggestions and tips – covering everything from how to access food in a crisis, to where to find cheap furniture, to how to borrow tools you can’t afford to buy – all to help make your income go further. Just click on the links below to see really useful information on a range of ways which may help you:


Do you temporarily need free food?
Do you need to cut your food costs?


Clothing & furniture

Do you or your children need to find cheaper clothing?
Do you find it hard to buy the furniture you need?


Household appliances & computers

Do you need a cheap way to buy, replace or repair items like fridges and TVs?
Do you need to borrow tool or equipment to do a one-off task?
Do you have a skill you can swap for help with a difficult task?


Money advice & charities

Do you need help with one-off expenses like school uniform or a grant for unexpected costs?
Do you need a bank account or advice to cut your expenditure?


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