Bath’s MP, Wera Hobhouse made a speech during a recent Parliamentary session. The speech brought to light the work that Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset and fellow organisations, such as BANES 3SG, the local council, Virgincare, and other charities have undertaken in providing a response to the Covid-19 crisis while also highlighting the continuing challenges that Citizens Advice and residents face in the immediate future.

MP Hobhouse commented on the 34% increase in employment issues and the 200% increase in utilities and communications (bills/payment) concerns that residents ask Citizens Advice for help with, as plausible contributors to worsening mental health conditions.

Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset helps residents with their mental health concerns by supporting them with some of the factors that might be contributing to their situations, such as debt, employment, or housing issues.

If you have an issue that you’d like help with you can access support by clicking here and filling in an online form.