We’re delighted that Her Royal Highness (HRH), The Princess Royal visited us on Monday, the 24th of February.

During the visit, HRH, who has been a patron of Citizens Advice since 1990, spoke at length to our volunteers and staff members, discussing the successes we’ve had in helping some of the most disadvantaged people in our district. Our CEO, Les Redwood, who escorted The Princess Royal on a tour of our head office, also explained our new strategy to HRH and how we aim to overcome some of the difficulties we are facing around funding.

Princess Anne addressing volunteers at Citizens Advice - Bath & North East Somerset

As part of the tour, HRH unveiled a plaque to commemorate the visit, before addressing a gathering that featured key stakeholders from invested groups in our area. The assembled group included Deputy Lieutenant of Somerset, David Medlock; the High Sheriff of Somerset, Johnnie Halliday; Mayor of Bath, Cllr. Gerry Curran; Members of Parliament, Wera Hobhouse, and Jacob Rees-Mogg; Chair of Citizens Advice, Warren Buckley, our ambassador, Dr. Phil Hammond; Katherine Thomas, Chair of the Bath & North East Somerset Council, Cllr. Eleanor Jackson, and Head of the Council, Cllr. Dine Romero.

New Business Strategy

The strategy that HRH was presented with has three key elements:

  1. Promoting Citizens Advice – Bath & North East Somerset as an independent charity that requires support and dispelling the notion that we are part of the government.
  2. Implementing a Marketing facility that exposes us to new opportunities for partnerships.
  3. Developing new partnerships and strengthening existing partnerships to extend and enhance the work we do for the community and its residents.

Member of Parliament for Bath and North East Somerset, Wera Hobhouse had this to say about the visit:

“I was honoured to be part of the Princess Royal’s visit to Citizens Advice – Bath and North East Somerset. It was a wonderful showcase for the vital work the organisation does. Citizens Advice is an independent charity providing free confidential advice to people on a range of topics, particularly their rights. This advice is delivered largely by trained volunteers. As MP for Bath, I am acutely aware of residents’ needs. I am a strong advocate of local services delivered by local providers. I am impressed by the hard work that Citizens Advice is doing to become even more effective. Congratulations to Les Redwood and the entire team for their invaluable contribution to our community.”


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