We’re delighted to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the Bath Life Awards 2020 in the Charity category.

Bath Life Awards 2020 Finalist Image

Here are some of the points that went into our nomination:

  • We’ve introduced a new 26week training program with an increased focus on observed interviews with clients. This practical approach to training is to ensure our clients get the best service possible.
  • Our appeals team, completely staffed by volunteers, had a 95% success rate against a national average of 64% held by similar services.
  • Our combined staff and volunteer team who work with people who have life-altering conditions put over £3million into the pockets of some of the most disadvantaged people in Bath and North East Somerset. In addition to having life-altering and often life-shortening conditions, these clients have their situations compounded by complex financial situations. Anecdotal evidence has shown how this team has not just helped these clients financially, but also on an emotional level.
  • Together, in 2019, our staff and volunteers have put over £5.5million into the pockets of some of our district’s most disadvantaged individuals and families. In additional to helping these people, our work has had a knock-on effect of helping to financially stimulate the local economy and the communities these people live in, by alleviating some fo the financial burden they have collectively been suffering under.

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