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Our volunteer Benefits Appeals team has a winning formula, providing great outcomes for clients.

The goal for us is to double the team’s size and create even more positive outcomes for clients.

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Benefits appeal clients

Benefits appeal clients are some of the most vulnerable people our charity helps.

They may have one or more physical and mental health disabilities that make running their lives unique compared to how the vast majority of people live day-to-day.

Mobility issues might make it tricky to get from one place to another. Physical and mental health concerns can also make it difficult to work or earn as much as other people.

So, they need a boost from the government to help them afford essential items and meet disability-related costs.

Why are benefits appeals complicated?

Health conditions can fluctuate from day to day and many disabilities aren’t apparent.

For those and other reasons, the Department for Work and Pensions can get assessments wrong and not award people the benefits they should get.

Making a claim is a complicated process. It can be even harder if a wrong decision means you have to appeal a decision and involve judges.

Samantha, had multiple disabilities, including chronic stomach, back and leg pain, depression and anxiety. She had trouble preparing food, washing, moving around and communicating. Her situation deteriorated following an operation, but the DWP refused to increase her benefits, despite a change in circumstances.

What does the team do?

Samantha came to our charity for help and spoke to our Benefits Appeals team.

The Citizens Advice – Bath&NES Benefits Appeals team is completely volunteer-run and consistently delivers amazing results for clients.

By having an indepth knowledge of the benefits system and the appeals process, they are able to support people through the judicial process. They accurately assess clients’ situations and support their efforts to receive all the benefits they should get.

What impact do they have?

In 2021/22, the team of three sustained their 95% appeals success rate and generated over £1 million in financial outcomes for clients.

Gill Bottomley, Volunteer Benefits Appeals team leader

The team’s leader, Gill, won a Citizens Advice Volunteer of the Year award for her efforts in helping clients when lockdowns started. Her actions saved countless people from losing their benefits.

Gill, Emma and Graham have been stoic throughout the pandemic. However, they’ve were championing the rights of our most vulnerable clients long before COVID started.

The team continued to push the DWP to acknowledge the change in circumstances and eventually they were successful. Samantha received enhanced rate daily living and enhanced rate mobility, the maximum rate, and a backdated payment of £8,000.

Expanding the Benefits Appeals team

Our volunteer Benefits Appeals team has a winning formula, providing great outcomes for clients. We want to build on their success and double the team’s size.

You can help by making a donation now or businesses can contact to discuss support.

The charity is looking for financial contributions to make this happen.

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27 June 2022
Last Updated
22 July 2022