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2021 Impact Report for Citizens Advice Bath&NES

Our 2021 Impact Report provides key data on our performance.

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Breakdown of the 2021 Impact Report

Debt issues

As with every year, debt featured prominently in the cases that our clients brought to us. Water bill debt has seen a huge increase during the pandemic. Possibly, due to people washing their hands and their clothing more often. However, there has also been more support for energy bills than for water bills, so water bills stood out this year.

The average debt level across all our clients was £10, 061 and we provided £20,000 of debt advice every day. We solved 79% of clients’ debt issues.

Our performance

Arguably, the biggest impact we have is at a societal level. Analysis by national Citizens Advice shows that we created £13million in social value. That’s due to the improvement of our clients’ wellbeing, which has enabled them to be more productive and social.

We’re extremely glad to see that 90% of our clients would recommend us and hugely grateful to our volunteers. In 2021, our volunteers donated 250 hours a week of their time to help others.

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Published in
21 January 2022
Last Updated
24 January 2022